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        Tray,Cable tray,RiCHENG Cable Tray
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        Wuxi Richeng Cable tray
        URL: www.rc5888.com
        E-mail: rc5888@126.com
        Tel :0510-88660720 / 21/22/23
        24-hour service hotline: 13093082899 18921125633
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        Recruitment Sales Manager
        1 according to the company's annual sales plan, develop individual specific sales plans, and responsible for the implementation, ensure the completion of tasks and goals established sales;
        (2) is responsible for sales of contact as well as introduce service solutions;
        3. Establishment and development of customer relationships, to provide users with the best solution, and sign contracts;
        4 Coordinate client communications with the relevant departments to ensure the smooth implementation of the contract, to ensure customer satisfaction and the company's contract shall timely recovery.

        1 outgoing, honest, confident, optimistic;
        (2) learning ability, initiative and team spirit;
        3 quick thinking, creative, standard Mandarin;
        4 good interpersonal communication skills, verbal ability, results-oriented;
        5 have a good sense of customer service, good self-motivated, able to work under pressure, ambitious;
        6 high school education, work experience is a plus.
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        RICHENG Tray User needs, is our eternal pursuit! User satisfaction is our greatest joy!
        Address:Kelan Apartment 3F,Zhongshan West Road, Wuxi city Tel:86-510-88660720/21/22/23-8001
        Fax: 0510-88660720-8018 address: www.rc5888.com e-mail: rc5888@sina.com rc5888@126.com
        Wellcome to richeng:
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