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        Classification of the three modes of stainless steel tray

        Keywords:Classification of the three modes of stainless steel tray  Date:2013-10-28  Source:Wuxi City RiCHENG Cable tray
        Stainless steel tray can use, chemical composition and microstructure to the general classification. Austenitic steel with the class from 18% Cr 8% Ni as a basic component, the added amount of the elements different changing, and the development of steel for various purposes.
        1, with chemical composition:
        ① CR Series: Series of ferrite and martensite series.
        ② CR-NI Series: austenite-series, abnormal series, precipitation hardening series.
        2 to microstructure Category:
        ① austenitic stainless steel
        ② ferritic stainless steel
        ③ martensitic stainless steel
        ④ duplex stainless steel
        ⑤ precipitation hardening stainless steel
        3, stainless steel tray surface species do not
        Now the development of stainless steel, the stainless steel has corrosion resistance, appearance, workability, strength and other characteristics than any other material, and that many of the surface treatment of stainless steel, various colors can be fruitful and shape, which for the development of stainless steel make a significant contribution.
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