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        Stainless steel tray with which to break the bottleneck

        Keywords:Stainless steel tray with which to break the bottleneck  Date:2013-11-08  Source:Wuxi City RiCHENG Cable tray

              Stainless steel tray with what limitations, and other needs in easy to fouling the environment or covered outdoor venues should be stamped plate , grounding line system configuration using the bridge circuit should meet the following requirements. Resistor connected between the ends of the bridge should not exceed 0.00033 ohm , ground hole should be clear insulating coating . Stainless steel corrosion-resistant materials used in the bridge and the required straight, elbow , branch ( hanging ) frame size and number of such schedules as well as the necessary instructions , plates and screws, protective cap according to the above requirements fully serviced by the manufacturer , is the use of different models material made ??of stainless steel sheet , the surface generally do not need treatment, the bridge 's strength, corrosion degree is much higher than the average bridge .
                Stainless steel tray made ??of glass fiber reinforced plastic and has a variety of fire retardant material composition , the outer surface is coated with fire retardant coating used , the level of combustion , the vertical burning, dark hot length standard to the domestic and foreign advanced level , easy to accumulate dust in place , cable tray cover should be used ; require EMI shielding cable lines . Or a protective outer shadow n to such as outdoor sunlight , oil, corrosive liquids, combustible dust and other environmental requirements . Should be used without holes tray cable tray .

                Electric Co., Ltd. in Wuxi City, a bridge is a professional production and sales , fire bridge , hot dip galvanized tray , spray tray, aluminum tray , stainless steel tray, saving tray , trough tray, ladder tray, tray- tray, grid-type bridge , large span cable tray manufacturers , more information please visit www.rc5888.com, Tel 0510 -88660720 / 21/22/23

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