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        Cable bridge what kind of material is great love

        Keywords:Cable bridge what kind of material is great love  Date:2013-10-28  Source:Wuxi City RiCHENG Cable tray
        For the laying of cables personnel, construction difficulty , the lower the better , of course , but the cable tray itself is a kind of weight and size are great items to their good work intensity will improve naturally laying . Is there a material in the material itself, strength and quality is good enough, you can also work in the construction time and it will be considerably more difficult ? The answer of course is yes.
                Now aluminum cable tray is such a material, construction workers will greatly reduce the intensity of the work and the quality of the material itself is very through. Aluminum this material itself is a very good resistance to corrosion, aging , light weight, long service life of the material, made ??of aluminum alloy cable tray installation will be very convenient , in some humidity , prone to corrosion and aging fast , especially in areas very practical. First , the aluminum cable tray is the use of extruded aluminum alloy , the size will be very precise measurements , this material itself is relatively bright exterior colors kind of look more elegant appearance, the appearance of anti-oxidation film will be well protected cable tray, cable tray life is greatly extended.
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