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        Cable tray components terminology behind the name

        Keywords:Cable tray components terminology behind the name  Date:2013-10-28  Source:Wuxi City RiCHENG Cable tray

        Cable trays are weak intelligent building systems, generally a lot of information from the monitoring and communication facilities such as building automation , office automation systems , such as automatic combination . With cable tray widespread use in life , often been mentioned . I believe we have encountered a similar situation , we chat clearly in a very familiar thing to say , but from time to time emerge jargon then made ??us confused, perplexed , it is embarrassing . What do you know each component cable tray behind jargon you ? Then I listed a few for everyone .

          An aluminum alloy frame
               Aluminum frame stands aluminum alloy cable tray system is a material made ??from aluminum trays accessories and hangers , etc., and for supporting the cable has a continuous rigid structure of the whole device .

          Second, the ladder bridge
           Refers to a trapezoidal bridge cable tray ladder cable directly to a supporting part , is to use a combination of several root of trapezoidal cross- section profile .

          Third, the tray with holes
              The full name of the tray with holes perforated trough cable tray is directly supporting cables, which is also cable bridge in a small part , by definition, it is the bottom of the trough-shaped parts with holes .

           Fourth, no hole tray
            Nonporous nonporous tray stands directly supporting cable trough cable tray with a hole in the tray on the contrary, is a real bottom end of the channel members .

              Today, I will introduce more than a few , I hope you benefit from the event .

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