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        Bridge assembly and welding how to choose the most suitable process

        Keywords:Bridge assembly and welding how to choose the most suitable process  Date:2013-10-28  Source:Wuxi City RiCHENG Cable tray
        1 job site selection
        As long as there is a temperature difference exists main beam, there will arch (Alice) changes in the degree or level of bending (lateral bending) changes in composition of the bridge box girder should be selected in the plant assembly and welding. Detection of the bridge should be early, late or night as well.
        2 mounts location selection
        Due weight to the main beam camber influential, the main beam mounts location should be selected in the main beam of the cross-end or near end cross position. From the weight of a small bridge in the final measurement should be possible to adjust the pad to the end of the girder.
        3 bridge assembly reference
        After the tray is fitted with a wheel to normal operation, four groups to be in the same bending plane. That they should be assembled in the same horizontal plane, in order to adjust the horizontal tray assembly of all parts of the base. Beam can pass through the side cover lifting holes stand T-shaped ruler, measured by the level of adjustment.
        4 In order to reduce the overall bridge welding deformation in the bridge finished assembling all the parts before welding seam itself, do not wait until the whole assembly before welding.
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