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        The column tray installation Installation Considerations

        Keywords:The column tray installation Installation Considerations  Date:2013-10-18  Source:Wuxi City RiCHENG Cable tray
        1, column welded to the backing plate. Before welding according to the given elevation determine civil mounting height and column length.
        2, will make a good pad on the bridge to determine a good installation location of each plate when the deviation of the same row minimize and prevent post installation to determine a good location within the pad can not be welded.
        3, plate fixed way based on the size of the bridge, number of layers (ie weight) determined, usually four corners fixed. When the tray can also be fixed at two points less, but must be to achieve adequate strength.
        4, according to the construction given elevation, both ends of the column to determine the welding position, column welded to the backing plate before welding using the horizontal ruler tested to ensure vertical uprights.
        5, in the upper and lower ends of the column pull a thread, the middle column is used to determine the welding position.
        6, the middle column prior to welding, with the spirit level on two adjacent sides of detection, prevention and front and rear left and right tilt.
        7, column and plate welding, the inner and outer sides of the column you want to welding, weld uniform full. Welding generally outside fully welded inside segmented welded steel channel around the corner, leaving 10mm on each side not soldered. 
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