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        Why is a thin-walled steel structure cable tray

        Keywords:Why is a thin-walled steel structure cable tray  Date:2013-11-08  Source:Wuxi City RiCHENG Cable tray

        Bridge is a thin-walled steel structure, as it can adapt to different environmental requirements and have a longer life, I bridge surface treatment technology for a lot of work. Such as hot dip galvanizing process, the product of acid, caustic, washed with water, passivation, zinc, and then passivated in the zinc coating layer and the surface layer are formed of high quality passivation film, its resistance to corrosion can be increased 5-8 times, especially on hot-dip zinc process improvements to make hot-dip zinc tray surface quality meets the United States, Canada and other countries of advanced standards, the life in the coastal areas to more than 40 years.

             Electric Co., Ltd. in Wuxi City, a bridge is a professional production and sales, fire bridge, hot dip galvanized tray, spray tray, aluminum tray, stainless steel tray, saving tray, trough tray, ladder tray, tray-tray, grid-type bridge , large span cable tray manufacturers, more information please visit www.rc5888.com, Tel 0510 -88660720 / 21/22/23.


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