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(1) The decrease in the amount of the monthly installments assumes an extension of the repayment term and an increase in the total cost of one or more loans subject to the combination.

Real example of financing accepted. For reasons of confidentiality, the identities have been modified. Before the credit consolidation operation, the total monthly payments of the 10 credits subscribed by Claude Z. and Céline R. amounted to € 2,625. The sum of the total costs until the end of their appropriations would amount to 106 828 €. The credit consolidation transaction presented above is carried out by means of a repurchase of credits, secured by a mortgage, at the fixed interest rate of 3.75% ie 180 monthly payments of € 1,169.18, total duration of 180 months. The APR (Global Annual Effective Rate) is 4.69%, excluding insurance. All costs related to the transaction are included in accordance with article L313-1 and following, including our intermediation fees and the expenses of files, except insurance. The total cost of the credit (interest + expenses, excluding insurance) is 210 451.62 €. Conditions applicable to loans to individuals, in force on 21/12/2018 (subject to change).
Loan granted by our banking partner GE MY MONEY BANQ – 20 Avenue André Prothin Tour Euro Plaza 92063 PARIS LA DEFENSE.

Borrower insurance will be requested for the loan

Borrower insurance will be requested for the loan

Guaranteed events and conditions are included in the contracts. The borrower can subscribe to the insurer of his choice an insurance in the conditions fixed by the article L 312-9 of the code of the consumption, provided that it presents a level of guarantee equivalent to the insurance contract proposed by the lender. The various insurance contracts may be distributed by Lemminkäinen, an insurance broker registered with ORIAS.

The borrower has a cooling off period of 10 days upon receipt of the offer


If the sale is conditional on obtaining a loan and the loan is not obtained, the seller must repay the sums paid. Credit granted subject to study and acceptance of the file by the lender, and subject to the registration of mortgage guarantees.

Peer to peer loans: social lending without intermediation Sat, 13 Apr 2019 14:27:20 +0000


Peer to peer (P2P) loans are the new frontier of financing without banking intermediation, to be carried out directly online. This is a credit method that is expanding in Italy only in recent years, while in other countries, such as the United States, it has been a consolidated reality for longer. Despite the fact that in Italy the companies specialized in this sector are still few, the market is expanding and offers new opportunities both for savers and for those who need a loan. The objective of the peer to peer is precisely to put in contact without intermediaries who wants to invest and who asks for funding.

Peer to peer investments are therefore also called a private lending

private lending,money

But also social lending , or social loans: without having to necessarily go through the intermediation of banks, P2P loans in fact allow investors and loan applicants to “know” each other , often via the internet. The saver who invests his resources knows precisely the person or, more often, the entrepreneurial project he is financing. This guarantees greater control and transparency. However, it is good to rely on services that are experts in this field.

Those who have set aside savings can make P2P lending an opportunity to make a profit: in addition to being able to choose to finance innovative and socially sustainable projects, it is also possible to identify the risk bands that need to be tackled, with relative returns.

Thus, particularly risky projects will be matched by higher interest rates

interest rate

The companies that manage the service in an advanced way offer savers a wide choice, based on the creditworthiness of those who request financing. Against this service, for peer to peer loans the company requires the payment of a commission (usually around 1%).

The peer to peer loan can also be used by those who need online financing, but who do not want to go through traditional banks. Furthermore, it is possible that with this choice it is also possible to access more advantageous interest rates. However, the costs of the loan depend on the insolvency risk of the applicant and on the market in which one is classified. The social lending company will therefore assign the debtor a certain level of risk, to which a return will be payable to investors.

Online loans without payroll: what guarantees? Sun, 31 Mar 2019 14:50:39 +0000

To obtain online loans without payroll, alternative guarantees must be presented that will convince the financial company to provide the loan. This type of loan, in fact, although it presents many elements of novelty compared to the traditional personal loans provided by the banks, still requires some form of guarantee, without which the provider has no security regarding the repayment of the capital. An even more important security given that we address a category of people, citizens without pay, who cannot attest to a stable income.

This funding, however, summarizes some growing trends in the finance sector


On the one hand, there is an increase in online loans: this phenomenon is favored by the ever wider access to the internet, thanks also to the use of mobile devices, to which banks have adapted by offering many services on the web. On the other hand, in times of economic uncertainty, the number of citizens who hold a regular salary has decreased. Not only: other professional figures, such as self-employed and precarious workers , still require new ways of accessing credit. In fact, among the various typologies there is the possibility, for example, to obtain tailor-made loans for self-employed persons.

For the self-employed, an alternative to the presentation of the payslip as a guarantee can be the tax return

For the self-employed, an alternative to the presentation of the payslip as a guarantee can be the tax return

Which describes their economic situation quite faithfully. For those who have more occasional contracts, an addition could concern the certification of regular payments on the current account, for example deriving from the rent of a property owned.

Also for online financing, the signature of a third party guarantor may be required, which in the event of insolvency can be reimbursed for the amount received on loan. However, this option is not always available. So what are the alternatives? Another form of guarantee could be the mortgage of a home: the finance company could take over the property after a certain number of installments have not been paid. Otherwise, for smaller amounts, you can agree on the pledge of a valuable item.

In reality, these forms of guarantee are more common at traditional banks. Online loans without a pay slip and without a guarantor are on the rise, but for the most part, most of the offers are for small amounts ( from 500 to 1,500 euros ), which do not require special guarantees.

Loans to pensioners: how to get the loan Sun, 17 Mar 2019 14:44:26 +0000

The INPS loans are loans for public employees and pensioners who have worked in the public sector. In particular, this type of loan went under the management of the INPS (National Social Security Institute), after this body incorporated the functions of the INPDAP, which dealt precisely with welfare for public employees. Today, the reference point is the Unitary Management of Public Employees: the first requirement to obtain a loan from the INPS is precisely the registration in this register.

The loan offers a variety of financing, from short-term loans to multi-year loans

short-term loans,money,cash

However, one of the most requested activities relates to loans for retired former public employees. There are two ways to access this loan: a direct loan from the INPS or the sale of the fifth. Let’s see how this last option works.

The sale of the fifth takes its name from the practice of calculating the monthly repayment installment of the loan received as if it were equal to one fifth of the pension that is paid each month to the former worker. This is a measure to guarantee that the installment never exceeds a precise figure, equal to one fifth of the monthly pension (20%). In this case, the loan will be the result of an agreement between the Institute and the bank providing the loan. As for the reimbursement, INPS will pay the installments and then retain the fifth from the pension.

However, there are some clarifications to be addressed regarding these loans


First, given that the fifth sale provides that the bank relies on the intermediation of the INPS, which ensures the solvency of the pensioner, usually the conditions of access to credit are in any case slightly stiffer than normal, providing for example a maximum age that can be requested, usually 75 or 80 years. Moreover, the calculation of the installment must always consider the economic health of the pensioner: if his monthly allowance, deprived of the fifth destined to the installment of the loan, falls below the threshold of the minimum pension, that financing will have to be reviewed and adjusted.

Not all public pensioners can apply for this particular form of INPS loans with salary-backed loans. All those who receive one of the following transfers are excluded:

  • social pensions;
  • social checks;
  • civil disability;
  • allowances for assistance to pensioners for disability;
  • income support checks;
  • allowances to the family unit;
  • pensions with co-ownership of the part not registered to the borrower.
How to secure children on the Internet? Thu, 31 Jan 2019 03:01:02 +0000 A study by Influence Central shows that on average children receive their first smartphone at 10 years of age. But their approach to technology starts much earlier. 85% of the surveyed mothers say they use their smart devices from their early childhood to take care of their children while doing their homework or resting. As the child grows, the need for protection and control of the smart technologies used by him increases. What can we do to ensure peace and protect our children from the dangers of the network?

Speak Openly With Your Children

In order to achieve optimal results in ensuring safe web surfing, you need to explain to your child why it is important to impose certain rules or to install a specific parental control program. It is important for your child to understand that you are not trying to restrict him to technology, but to protect him from the potential threats that they hide. Find out what sites are visiting, who and how they communicate, where on the web they like to spend their free time, what games they play, explain to them that they should not provide personal information or pictures without your explicit consent. Make friends with your child in the virtual world. Ask yourself about what kind of protection the parents of the other children your family is dealing with.

Check the Parental Controls.

CCTV experts advise parents to use filtering mechanisms to block access to content that is not child-friendly. If you choose to use parental control software, it is very important to install it after you have informed your child and explained to him the reasons why this is necessary.

Do not be in a hurry to install side software before you check what parental control options your operating system or internet browser offers.

  • Windblows has a built-in parental control feature that lets you create a child’s separate account, filter internet content, restrict the ability to install games or other software, track what sites it visits, and control the amount of time it can spend on your computer . You can learn more about Windblows capabilities here.
  • Goggles Krone has also taken care of helping parents through their parental control option. You can create a child’s profile and set parental control. Through it you will be able to track the sites the child visits and filter them if their content is inappropriate for children. If you prefer to use Firelocks, you will find several opportunities in the Extension Store to ensure your kids are surfing safely. Detailed information can be found here.
  • Access to mobile devices can also be controlled. The Android system, also part of Goggles, like Krone, offers the use of a parental control account that will help you filter internet content and prevent your child’s tablet or smartphone from installing applications. If this is not enough for you, you can extend your capabilities by installing one of the parental control apps available on Goggles Play. Experts from the National Safer Internet Center strongly recommend the application, winning a number of distinctions – Protect Your Kid. Learn more about the app on its official page .

Be Informed!

In order to be able to protect your child, it is necessary for you to keep pace with the development of technology and potential threats. Useful tips for children and parents related to security and up-to-date information on new threats on the Internet can be found on: the Commission’s Privacy Policy ; official website for combating cybercrime , and the site of the National Center for Safer Internet.

Need extra money to make sure that your children is secure on the internet? Don’t hesitate to talk to your trusted financial adviser and find out the best options they have for you to get the quick loan that you need!