How to secure children on the Internet?

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A study by Influence Central shows that on average children receive their first smartphone at 10 years of age. But their approach to technology starts much earlier. 85% of the surveyed mothers say they use their smart devices from their early childhood to take care of their children while doing their homework or resting. As the child grows, the need for protection and control of the smart technologies used by him increases. What can we do to ensure peace and protect our children from the dangers of the network?

Speak Openly With Your Children

In order to achieve optimal results in ensuring safe web surfing, you need to explain to your child why it is important to impose certain rules or to install a specific parental control program. It is important for your child to understand that you are not trying to restrict him to technology, but to protect him from the potential threats that they hide. Find out what sites are visiting, who and how they communicate, where on the web they like to spend their free time, what games they play, explain to them that they should not provide personal information or pictures without your explicit consent. Make friends with your child in the virtual world. Ask yourself about what kind of protection the parents of the other children your family is dealing with.

Check the Parental Controls.

CCTV experts advise parents to use filtering mechanisms to block access to content that is not child-friendly. If you choose to use parental control software, it is very important to install it after you have informed your child and explained to him the reasons why this is necessary.

Do not be in a hurry to install side software before you check what parental control options your operating system or internet browser offers.

  • Windblows has a built-in parental control feature that lets you create a child’s separate account, filter internet content, restrict the ability to install games or other software, track what sites it visits, and control the amount of time it can spend on your computer . You can learn more about Windblows capabilities here.
  • Goggles Krone has also taken care of helping parents through their parental control option. You can create a child’s profile and set parental control. Through it you will be able to track the sites the child visits and filter them if their content is inappropriate for children. If you prefer to use Firelocks, you will find several opportunities in the Extension Store to ensure your kids are surfing safely. Detailed information can be found here.
  • Access to mobile devices can also be controlled. The Android system, also part of Goggles, like Krone, offers the use of a parental control account that will help you filter internet content and prevent your child’s tablet or smartphone from installing applications. If this is not enough for you, you can extend your capabilities by installing one of the parental control apps available on Goggles Play. Experts from the National Safer Internet Center strongly recommend the application, winning a number of distinctions – Protect Your Kid. Learn more about the app on its official page .

Be Informed!

In order to be able to protect your child, it is necessary for you to keep pace with the development of technology and potential threats. Useful tips for children and parents related to security and up-to-date information on new threats on the Internet can be found on: the Commission’s Privacy Policy ; official website for combating cybercrime , and the site of the National Center for Safer Internet.

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